PF cadre put on his defence

Lusaka Magistrate, David Simusamba, has found PF cadre, Judge Ngoma, with a case to answer in a matter where he is facing charges of assault.

Magistrate Simusamba has put Ngoma on his defence and he is expected to open his defence on October 1.

This was after the matter came up for trial on Thursday.

Earlier, a ZNBC Journalist testified how two Patriotic Front-PF cadres were allegedly beaten and roughed up before being abducted by fellow party cadres.

Michael Kaumba told the court that he was covering a press briefing at Courtyard Hotel in Lusaka, addressed by Sam Zulu and his colleague when about six PF cadres entered the conference room.

Mr. Kaumba said within moments, the six caused commotion, beating up the two before dragging them to a waiting van which eventually sped off.

One of the two cadres Sam Zulu who denounced the PF leadership for allegedly opposing divergent views, was bundled in a van and driven to an unknown place.

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