PF cadre: Sata has put more money in pockets by closing bars early

Added to the list of achievements just in this month is the fact that, the PF government has managed to put more money in people’s pockets by regulating the closing time of bars and night clubs so that citizens, mostly fathers can spend their hard earned cash on their families as well as spend time with them.

This therefore means that you will spend less on prostitutes and alcohol consumption, but more on your families.

And the net effect of this is that your wife/husband and rest of family members will be happy because there is more money in their pockets and more food in the house.

Another fringe benefit or trickle-down-effect (a term popular during the Mwanawasa regime) to this is that this also will reduce the spread of HIV(men will be at home with their wives therefore no business for prostitutes-the only downside to it) and further reduces the divorce rate in the country because fathers, mothers and children we have enough time to spend together(less conflicts) building family unit and fostering national development together.

Can you imagine it has taken me from the engineering background to figure this out? What are the social scientist doing then? I can tabulate a lot of benefits as a result of signing this SI.

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