PF cadre Solomon Jere accuses RTSA of making his party unpopular

The following is a verbatim conversation as captured by Muvi TV between Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomom Jere and RATSA Director Mr. Soko.

Mr. Soko, the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Executive Director, insistent: ‘Drunken driving is an impoundable offence, sir.’Deputy Inspector General (IG) of the Zambia Police Service, Mr. Solomon Jere, responds: ‘No. It is this kind of behavior that is making the government [Patriotic Front, Zambia’s ruling party] unpopular. This is a mess!’ Mr. Soko, undeterred: ‘There is no mess here, sir. That this is coming from you, I am now worried [We are merely doing our work].’ Mr. Jere, as if relevant: ‘Do you know that I was first [sic] on the RTSA Board?’ In case you were looking for the evidence that the leadership of the Zambia Police Service is corrupt and unprofessional there you have it! 28 September 2013

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