PF cadres start grabbing Mast newspaper

Even before the Patriotic Front controlled Zambia Police announce the banning of the Mast Newspapers, PF cadres have already started confiscating the country’s only independent newspaper.

This author personally witnessed the confiscating of the paper at Radian Stores opposite town centre market in Lusaka this morning. The PF cadres who arrived in a white unregistered Toyota Hilux dressed in military attire with PF barrets first asked who was selling the papers. ” Ninani uleshitisha ichi chi paper” translated as who is selling this derogatory paper. At this time three of the cadres collected some copies and when no one claimed ownership probably for fear of being clobbered, the cadres collected the rest of the copies before driving off. PF controlled Police yesterday announced that some publications will be banned during the state of emergency. Ironically the Mast in today’s headline run the same story. Though Kakoma Kanganja the country’s worst inspector general of police from the time this country was created did not mention the Mast at the media briefing, the Zambian Watchdog was told about this last week by a State House source.

The Mast is the only independent newspaper in Zambia after another PF cadre and one of the country’s most corrupt lawyer Lewis Mosho liquidated the Post Newspaper. The Mast is owned by Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe’s wife Mutinta. The rest of private owned newspapers are treated like Toilet paper such as one owned by ex corruption convict Richard Sakala. Another small Newspaper called New Vision is owned by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who wants to use it for his Presidential ambitions in 2021.



  • ” Ninani uleshitisha ichi chi paper” translated as who is selling this derogatory paper.Wrong translation.

  • We can’t have all media houses supporting the government of the day we need a well balanced madia fraternity, I salute the mast newspaper


  • Kikunyi kyalukila uchaba translated as a log or its splashes can only hit the one chopping the wood. Fred M’membe was a champion in 2011 now today let him feel the heat of the fire he supported while RB is rejoicing. That’s how life is don’t think you are a champion because time is never static. When such happen some of us rejoice with RB because we cried with him in 2011. Chanda Nonde Claudias Matotoba Dube Pankoloko chweela

  • I don’t like where this is leading. Bakateka, what is this?

  • And where was our police with all their “extra” powers?

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Why grabbing mast newspaper bafikala ba pf, when post newspaper helped alots to win 2011 general election, you should learn to appreciate bafikala and yet mast is the only paper that tells the true,and me I have never buy daily nation newspaper because it is for lungu.

  • Just ban the stupidity for good who cares about the nonsense mast newspaper publishes

  • Ifikopo ifyafula mu pf

  • the only solution it remove this so called cadre in market.

  • Evryone else’s rights hv bn withdrawn including right to lyf, only pf cadres hv retained their rights additionally nw they hv evn a right to harras, bit en kill th rightless!

  • These guys have never heard of the Seleka Militia and the Anti Baraka Militia in the Central African Republic? Because that’s how it started, with the pro government Seleka Militia and then the Anti Baraka Militia to counter the former. Some of these things start as one group thinking that they have all the powers, not knowing that power is not a monopoly.

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      OneNation 7 months

      Rubbish – you think this country would degenerate into that stupidity of the Central African Republic just because an overzealous newspaper. It can be closed rather than risk peace and stability.

  • Hmmm,bola naikosa.

  • Machende abo ba PF

  • Zambians are just dull I guess

  • national house of prayers kkkkkkkk

  • Those unemployed PF thugs who are called cadres do dictator Edgar Lungu’s dirty work that’s why they are neither arrested nor condemned by Lungu.That sort of thuggery will end when dictator Lungu is no longer in State House.

  • Lesa Somone

  • twabeshiba abaoca ifintu nomba

  • Its not a secret tat PF does not mean well for Nation apart fro their leader’s selfish political agenda. No well meaning Zambian would be happy with such idiocity.

  • What is ” THREATENED STATE OF EMERGENCY ? See ? Don’t complain now for three months. All we should expect is bylaws now. Some human rights has been stripped by article 31. So mulelolesha cabe , ni DUNUNA REVERSE. One man show, party state. Respect the law ,and it’ll show.

  • A clusters of idiots led by a criminal lungu have ravaged the peace and democracy of Zambia. When I stated that it was government behind the burning of markets Lungu’s idiots urged in their usual dullness. Lungu is a merciless criminal, he is burning markets to justify his criminality of declaring a state of emergency so that he can punish HH and contue with his theft of public resources.

  • A clusters of idiots led by a criminal lungu have ravaged the peace and democracy of Zambia. When I stated that it was government behind the burning of markets Lungu’s idiots urged in their usual dullness. Lungu is a merciless criminal, he is burning markets to justify his criminality of declaring a state of emergency so that he can punish HH and contue with his theft of public resources.

  • Prayer Points

    1. Pray ferevently for God to divinely and miraculously release HH and all UPND members who have been imprisoned Acts 12:5-17.
    2. Pray persistently for God’s protection over HH and the UPND members who have been imprisoned and their families Psalm 91.
    3. Pray ferevently against the State of Emergency, and all oppressive laws, pray for the Lord to expose the people behind the fire and all other tactics Mathew 18:18, Hebrews 4:13.
    4. Pray persistently against stupour and slow of understanding in UPND leaders and members and rational Zambians as they strategize and implement peaceful solutions 2 Timothy 2:1-7.
    5. Pray fervently for God to move in Zambia’s justice, police and military system Luke 18:27.
    6. Pray persistently against deception in the Church and supporting wrong things such as injustice, oppression in the name of submitting to authority 2 Timothy 2:15 .
    7. Pray fervently against fear and intimidation in rational Zambians and UPND members so that they can implement peaceful strategies Isaiah 43 1-2 .
    If you are able to fast a meal, a day, social media etc kindly do so.

  • UPND open your eyes and see where your medias are leading you to with their fake news.I pity you a lot for lack of understand.

    • Thomas you are such an idiot like Lungu. So dull like this ka idiot chakolwa

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        Thomas Chomba is an ignorant Zambian who will settle for mediocrity,He does not even look at Zambia’s statistics for economic growth. He does not know where we immediately came from before PF take over and where we are now.This poverty is not our portion it has been imposed on us by the PF . Thomas, go to market places, town centers, bars and taverns as early as 07 hrs. up to 21 hrs to see the poverty amongst the youths. Is it wrong for for to demand better governance instead of being comfortable with bad governance? Wake up Thomas ,you deserve better for Zambia. Read the Mast you will have your eyes opened up. It is fake to the blind and light to the the enlightened.

    • I like your idiocy, you re the perfect example of people who rule with their butts instead of their heads. No vision.

  • Good move!

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  • No good deed shall go unpunished and nothing lasts forever. Enjoy the reign ba PF

  • If it is publishing wrongly. Very parallel from the truth. This is the result.job well done

  • I don’t like pf anymore.

  • We just need to arm ourselves now. Zambia is at war with itself.

  • Mwanya mukayapya kumulu

  • These ghetto ass hoes are really taking law in their grubby hands..ubututu…. look here, we got real issues going on in our country other than exhibiting your ignorant ignorance. Stop the hate and bring peace in this country….we miss our peace ba styopeti.

  • Mean while Kambwili C has over25 disciples following him without his approval.I mean Police officers. Welcome to Zambia a Christian Nation.

  • fake news ,am in town mast is on sale everywhere

  • Are we going to just watch these cadres do whatever they like? One day they will decide to rape every woman on the street while the rest of Zambians will be watching.


  • Am sure the police will arrest them and with the revolution of article 31. Not all the law enforcers r ungodly or unjust.

  • Let them go ahead. On earth we have no justice. God ask will sort them out soon if they r wrong

  • Please in the name of peace remove PF cadres from public places such as markets, bus stations and other public places. They are the source for public nuisances. Some of us have even stopped going to olympia market and North mead market because of the harassment of the PF cadres at these places

  • No guys ho back to your Secretariat. No.No.No. stop that.

  • You now call it independent kkkkkkkk


  • who ever blesses this idiocy must be a very big idiot of a fool,these quacks must stop stupidity

  • It would be stupid of them to do that. That’s not what and how we expect things to be.