PF cadres accused of selling plots as part of jobs creation

Please continue the good work of being fearless in the midst of hate from PF against your good works.  Please withhold my name butb here is a shocking story.

PF Cadres over the [last] Weekend were selling plots in Lusaka’s new Kasama.  The Plots were being demarcated 60m X 25m and sold to the “public” at KR10,000 each.

They claimed Mr Michael Chilufya Sata  has allowed them to sell to raise money for the PF since PF as a party has not yet created jobs for them.

It was alleged also that the PF cadres were allowed to sell the plots as a thank you gift for the “good” work  they did to get power from MMD in 2011.

PF is renegading on nearly all wrong vices they claimed was happening in MMD and was to be immediately stopped under PF. Clearly the 90 days formula has failed to cure the ills dodging Zambia and they seem not to have a clue on how to manage land allocation and the economy.

Stella Libongani “Mulamu  waba Sata through Suba” please  this is the case for the Police to move in than chasing the Opposition leaders on cooked up / manufactures cases.

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