Removw PF cadres as Electoral Officers

Dear Editor ,

PF cadres as Electoral Officers

I wish to appeal to ECZ and political parties participating in the forth coming presidential by-election to demand the withdraw of Mr Kenneth Mafuta and Joseph Mukwamba who teach at Prince Takamado Primary in Bauleni – Lusaka central constituency for being aligned to PF .

The duo organized football tournament which was later convert to mini political rally on 11 January, 2015 for Mulenga Sata who is incapable of mobilizing people in his Kabulonga ward because he neglected it and has no following .
Electoral officers are expected to be impartial , I doubt if we can have free and fair election if such cadres deployed . In this regard , I urge The Electoral commission of Zambia to carry out independent investigations the two individual’s political activities .

Concerned resident,

Kabulonga ward ,

Withhold my name .

Lusaka Central Constituency .

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