PF cadres attack UPND campaigners in Chilubi

PF cadres attack UPND campaigners in Chilubi


Patriotic Front Kasama-based thugs under the command of the party deputy media director Antonio Mwanza today attacked two UPND youths leaving one for dead and dragged the other to the police where they claimed they found him with a panga.

The two youths Joe Kunda and Eddie stepped up to defend the UPND National management member Benard Mpundu who was waylaid by the Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba sponsored thugs from Kasama.

Mr Mpundu was in the company of Northern province coordinator Edward Kapambwe and provincial IPS Charles Songiso when the PF thugs started harassing them in the process tiring Mr Mpundu’s T-shirt.

Kunda then asked the thugs to respect and leave the elders and at this point Antonio gave a signal to Frank Mbewe to attack Kunda from behind.

Mbewe was joined by panga wielding Jack Simutende and Augustine Simutende and struck Kunda at the back of his head who fell on the ground unconscious.

About eight in all PF cadres armed with teasers, knives, teargas and pangas joined in assaulting the unconscious Kunda before he was rescued by the locals.

Mr Kunda suffered a dislocated shoulder and a deep cut on the back of his head.

The PF hooligans then descended on Eddie whom they handcuffed and beat before tacking him to police claiming they found him with a panga.

Ambassador Mpundu and the other UPND officials that rushed to the police where they were told police could not do anything as they are working under instructions from Lusaka.

Mr Mpunda had taken a walk to the market to buy groceries and landed in the hands of the PF thugs.

Antonio Mwanza then went into overdrive misinforming media houses that Ambassador Mpundu has been arrested.

However, the locals are upset with the behaviour of the PF thugs and have promised to show their anger through the ballot box.


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