PF cadres attempt to block HH’s Xmas donation as President Lungu donates Jiggies to patients

A small group of disgruntled Patriotic Front (PF) cadres attempted to disrupt UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s Christmas programme when the party served food to scores of street kids at the main Post Office in Lusaka.
And President Lungu has donated Jiggies to patients at Mother Theresa Hospice in Lusaka.
As Hichilema and several UPND members were giving out food and clothing to street kids, a small group of cadres attempted to disrupt the programme and demanded for a police permit.
The PF thugs were however not allowed to get close and were pushed out by the UPND security team and police officers without arresting any of them. The cadres started making phone calls to their friends for reinforcement as police officers pleaded with them to leave. The cadres shortly walked away while shouting insults.
After the cadres left the police officers requested UPND officials to stop the feeding programme but the officials told them that the programme was almost concluding.
And Hichilema has assured the street kids that when he is elected President the UPND will ensure that street kids are taken back to school while some will be given productive skills like carpentry.
As Hichilema was giving out food at the Main Post Office, President Edgar Lungu dashed to Mother Theresa Hospice in Lusaka where he distributed Jiggies to patients after which Amos Chanda issued a statement of the President donating Christmas gifts.

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