PF cadres beat MMD official to near death, loot musicians houses

 Patriotic Front cadres have beaten to near death MMD’s Kanyama youth treasurer Sonile Mukwa.

And PF cadres have again beaten up Lusaka MMD chairman William Banda and looted houses of musician Darlisoul and comedian Difikoti.

The PF cadres also have burnt to ashes vehicles belonging to Difikoti and Darlisoul.

The two artistes were among a number of musicians hired by the MMD to perform during immediate past president Rupiah Banda’s campaigns.

In Kanyama, MMD official Scoprion Kadobi comfirmed that PF cadres caught up with Sonile Mukwa in Chibolya slum and pounced on him with stones and screw drives.

He said after overpowering him, they tore his clothes and wrapped him with PF chitenge materials and ran away when they though he had died.

Chibolya residents organised transport and rushed Mukwa to the University Teaching Hospital where doctors managed to resuscitate him but was by 18 hours local time still in the intensive care unit.

Kadobi explained that all MMD officials in town and Lusaka compounds have gone into hiding as marauding PF hooligans continues searching for them.

‘I am also in hiding and I don’t even move because they said they want to kill me,’ said Kadobi by phone.

He Said PF cadres have beaten up all workers in shops owned by MMD officials and taken them over.

And PF cadres in Chipata have attacked MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda.

Circumstances are not yet clear but Banda is said to be at a police station where he has been offered temporal refuge after cadres beat him.

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