PF cadres beat up OP officers in Katete

Zambia Intelligence offices in Katete were Friday evening made to run for their lives after PF supporters beat them up.

A group of OP officers mounted an operation at Mpangwe motel where Michael Sata was supposed to rest after driving from Lusaka enroute to Chipata.

The OP officers decided to sit in the bar motel and entertain themselves to some beers as they waited.

Unfortunately for them, some local PF supporters identified them and alerted Sata’s bodyguards.

According to an eye witness, PF supporters called re-enforcement and  decided to wait for the spies to get drunk.

When the PF supporters were ready, they stormed the bar and first lifted the most senior OP officer. They slapped him forcing the junior officer to storm our of the motel and run into the bush.

The OP officers even abandoned the vehicle they were using.

The PF cadres then left Mpawngwe for Chipata.

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