PF cadres beat up teachers

The DEBS for Mulobezi a Mr George Liwena and Three other teachers were this morning attacked by Panga wielding PF cadres in Mulobezi, brutally beaten and injured. The Mulobezi MP Patricia Mulasikwanda is alleged to have intruded a meeting she was not invited to this morning leading to confusion and high tempers. The Mulobezi DEBS asked her why she entered the meeting arena with out knocking and without invite as per the normal courtesy and procedure any where. The DEBS asked the MP to leave because he was holding a non political meeting with his teachers and other members of staff in the presence of the Mulobezi DC.
But Mulobezi MP Patricia mulasikwanda who is known for beating her own mother in 2013, became so upset and went to call her PF cadres who came to beat up these innocent civil servants leaving them badly injured. This heartless action from this PF woman has been said to be devilish and politically motivated. One has been admitted to sichili mission hospital where the rest where being treated of their wounds. The police was informed but they were of little help as usual. Teachers have becomes victims of assault and harassment in the hands of this PF regime. Once a honorable and noble profession, today any politician can stand and toss them and kick them at will. Is this what they should get in return for the great service and sacrifices they render to the remotest and under served communities? Just recently EL threatened to fire all teachers in Chililabomwe and Chingola claiming they are working against his regime

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