PF cadres beat up UPND members in Avondale

PF cadres beat up UPND members in Avondale

UPND supporters attacked by Max Chongu and group yesterday.

Chongu was paid by PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to attack

By Niza Phiri

The other day , 2 PF caders were allegedly beaten to death in Mpulungu by Suspected UPND caders and general Mpulungu Residents. Several PF Caders from Mandevu, Mbala etc fill hospital beds

How did we get here?Remember how the Police hadn’t arrested PF caders beating kitwe residents or fighting at the PF secretariat? Or indeed when the caders attacked the Police themselves?

You see, historically, when you create an unjust system, where one group of criminals is given superiority, it will be only a matter of time before citizens rise and take the law into their own hands, it is the law of nature.

The UPND is having a procession, you send caders to disrupt their roadshow, the caders are armed, Citizens offer them a beating, you turn around and cry foul? Sure we don’t condone violence by any party, but when armed caders , come to beat you up, naturally, you will expect people to defend themselves. The question people should be asking is why send them to provoke their opponents? Similarly in Mpulungu, the unfortunate events happened the exact same way.

It is sad that we have to loose lives over lack of leadership. If the Police executed their duties, without fear or favour, we wouldn’t create a climate where this is possible. Can we apply the law equally and fairly. People are tired of PF caders, people are angry, if we don’t tame them, there will be more incidents of this nature.

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