PF cadres clash with police at cabinet office

Patriotic Front cadres have clashed with the Police outside cabinet office where Acting President Guy Scott is scheduled to address a press briefing to react to the resolution of the PF consultative meeting that met at government complex this morning.
The consultative meeting of PF members of parliament, cabinet ministers and deputy ministers has petitioned the central committee to adopt Edgar Lungu as the party’s sole candidate for the forthcoming presidential by-election.
The cadres rushed to Cabinet office in an attempt to disrupt the briefing by Acting President Scott after they received information that the Acting President wants to fire Edgar Lungu.
Earlier in the morning PF cadres clashed with the police outside government complex as the consultative meeting was underway.
The cadres had placards denouncing Acting President Guy Scott and sang solidarity songs in support of PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu.

Over 20 PF cadres have since been arrested by the police while Acting President Guy Scott is in a meeting with senior PF officials .

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