PF cadres clobber Nsanda and Mukupa over fake pre-election promises

PF cadres clobber Nsanda and Mukupa over fake pre-election promises

Willie Nsanda with President Michael Sata

Some Patriotic Front cadres on Friday March 9, 2012 assaulted Patriotic Front Big Wig Willie Nsanda over what they termed fake promises.

The PF members slapped Mr. Willie Nsanda a close ally to President Sata before pushing him into a swimming pool at Mika Lodge in the plush Chudleigh in Lusaka.

The PF members were annoyed by the PF’s government failure to give them jobs and contracts as promised by Sata during campaigns for the 2011 elections.

The cadres also slapped and pushed PF member of the central committee a Mr. Mukupa into the same swimming pool in which Mr. Nsanda was.

According to highly placed sources, Community, Mother and Child Minister Dr. Joseph Katema who was about to address the cadres had to lock himself up in one of the rooms at the lodge.

The Source said Mr. Nsanda, Mr. Mukupa and Dr. Katema were only saved by a state security agent who was on unofficial mission at the lodge.

“There were some PF cadres at the lodge at the time we were also having some drinks from nowhere an argument ensued and we saw Mr. Nsanda and a person we later knew as Mr. Mukuka being pushed in the swimming pool. They were saved by a certain huge person we later knew as a state security agent” the source said.

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