PF cadres continue questing caliber or Sesheke candidate


From various PF social media groups, it is evident that most members are not satisfied with the candidate that was picked,

After failing to secure a salable candidate, PF picked a certain UPND memberย  Dean Masule but most PF members believe he is weak and his loyalty is to UPND abut just wants money from PF.

See some arguments within PF Whatsapp groups๐Ÿ‘‡

[1/9, 20:04] +260 97 3973626: Comrades in Sesheke you need to share with us where the command centre will be, and make sure food is there ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™€๐Ÿ™ˆ we will start arriving in Sesheke.

[1/9, 20:07] +260 97 3973626: Exactly comrade, you have done great job and some people wants to report you to the SG check

[1/9, 20:07] +260 97 3973626: There


Good evening mwelupwa.I would love to air my disappointment with some fellow comrades who feel they are more PF than others.By virtue of me having a foreign mobile number am labelled opposition.My friendly word of caution to you is that,some of us are too principled to eat with both hands.I suggest you apologize for making foolish utterances and denting my image.You must know that a good name is hard to build and takes a very long time too.And before you make conclusions on individuals please do thorough investigations than to start cheap politicking.I have challenged you to a meeting at the Secretariat to prove your assumption.I submit!!

[1/9, 20:09] +260 97 9427993: UPND knows that we have a strong candidate why panicking

[1/9, 20:11] +260 97 9427993: And some are saying they are in all PF blogs we shall lose Sesheke so I asked why do you want to be on the blog when you are negative towards the candidate ati that’s my opinion

[1/9, 20:15] +260 97 3973626: +27814937490 This one said he is Mr Mumbai Kalasa and he send me this message


I had chatted to Hon Masule yesterday & apologised, he was unable to add me to the fora due to time limits of whatsapp.ย 

Can you kindly try to add me today & see if the time is now ideal

[1/9, 20:16] +260 97 3973626: If Hon Dean Maselu confirms then we will add him back

[1/9, 20:19] +260 97 9427993: Good morning. I am Dean Masule. Kindly stop having a defeated mind even before the campaigns start. Am wondering wether you are a sesheke resident who has gathered information on the ground for you to think am a weak candidate. If I knew I was unpopular I would have not waisted peopleโ€™s time and resources and please let us be sensitive, why bring negative comments about me when you know am on the platform? Am wondering wether you are really pf or you are a hired gun trying to instill doubts in me. Am resolved and focused and again I repeat we will carry the day come February 13. Campaigns for the other candidates is over . I donโ€™t usually like replying back but this I had to do

[1/9, 20:19] +260 97 9427993: โ˜โ˜this message was sent by our candidate after the same Person askingb

[1/9, 20:20] +260 97 9427993: Same person attacked here here around 7: 30 yesterday so he thinks I don’t reason

[1/9, 20:21] +260 97 9427993: Why was he attacking the candidate ibhave asked him in my inbox in you belive we have a wrong candidate what do you want pa blog

[1/9, 20:21] +260 97 9427993: I have given him the SGs line and asked him to update there after

[1/9, 20:23] +260 97 7418062: OK you will find us. Am already on wheels comrade, just passed Senanga boma 100km from Mongu.

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