PF cadres from Lusaka attack Msanzala residents

Suspected PF cadres ferried from Lusaka on Monday to Msanzala in Eastern province have ripped open the stomach of an  MMD supporter.
The woman has been admitted in Petauke Hospital in critical conditions.
Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela confirmed reports of violence but could not disclose the number of people that were injured.
Villagers in Petauke have made it clear that they would not be forced to campaign or support the candidature of PF candidate Col. Lungu because he betrayed them.
Col. Lungu, who is being challenged by former MP, Peter Daka, had won as an independent candidate but later resigned to join the ruling PF, paving way for a costly bye-election.
Some villagers have complained that the suspected PF cadres have brought a riplica of the Chawama incidence violence that was engineered by then MMD national Secretary, current president Michael Sata.
The PF government promised to deal with pepetrators of violence in the country and already, MMD Lusaka Province Chairman, William Banda, is facing court proceedings for the violence he allegedly caused in Chongwe during last year’s elections.

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