PF cadres harassing people at Simoson building

Please hide my identity.

imageWe are a Buisness operating along Simon Mwewa Lane near Spar Soweto. Early this year the police assisted the Buisness community on Simon Mwewa Lane by removing Cadres operating an illigal bus station on a piece of land directly opposite the famous Simoson building. After being chased by police, the same cadres led by Peter Chimbala, Doubt Kabwe, Paul Monga, and a light skinned man that goes by the name of ” Yellow”, began operating another illigal bus station opposite Spar Soweto. Lusaka City Council paved a stretch of land that was ear marked for a modern market but cadres are using the paved land as an illigal bus station. They are charging venders for using that paved land and also charging motorists for using the paved land as a carpark. If you demand a receipt from them they will threaten to stone and vandalise your car. People are afraid to come to Simon Mwewa Lane because of these criminals. The money they collect does not go the Lusaka City Council. It goes to these thugs. When the Simoson people opened thier carpark for Buisness…the cadres came in full force to stop them from operating thier carpark. They blocked the road with Rocks and stones and threatened to kill anyone who attempted to use the Simoson carpark. The police have been very helpful but we want the Illigal bus station opposite Spar to be removed so that we work in peace. These Cadres make our lives very difficult here. We are asking The President to assist us please. People are being terrorised by these thugs every day. PLEASE HELP US BEFORE WE ARE KILLED.


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