PF cadres in Bahati threaten to kill community radio reporters

PF cadres in Bahati constituency of Luapula have threatened to kill journalists working for a local community radio station if if they continued highlighting poverty and other ills in the poor community.

Speaking on behalf of the PF cadres in the area, PF Bahati chairlady Alice Chipulu

threatened to kill Tuta radio reporters  if they continue interviewing  village headmen on lack of development issues in the area.
The PF female thug confronted Tutwa radio reporter Hellen Chisha in Zambia compound
after the journalists interviewed village headman Chidakwa in chief Chimese area.

In the interview, the village headman bemoaned the poor road network and lack of proper leadership in the district.
The PF she-thug commonly  known as bana kaluba said Tuta radio station has become so controversial in news coverage.
The woman thug  said Tuta radio has no right to interview headman but should only be

interviewing area member of parliament Harry Kalaba .
She warned that  PF members in Bahati constituency have put up some strong
measures to deal with all Tuta radio news reporters before the end of this year.

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