PF cadres in ndola beat up UPND entourage, police

PF cadres in Ndola have beaten up UPND supporters  accompanying party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Hakainde Hichilema himself survived the lynching because he was inside Sun FM radio studio for a live discussion and exited through the roof.

About 30 UPND supporters in Hichilema’s entourage remained outside the radio station when suddenly PF thugs descended upon them.

The PF cadres who were armed with pistols and electrocuting cables out-numbered the UPND cadres while the police offices watched helplessly.

UPND supporters who wore party attires were undressed and beaten with chairs, beer bottles, pangas and wooden planks.

When two or three police officers tried to intervene they were also beaten and fled for their lives.

One UPND official who is physically challenged was beaten to the ground.

HH’ security managed to get him out of the studio using the upper way, the top of the roof of Insurance House where SUN FM operates from

Speaking after the beatings, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said whatever blood would be spilt in Zambia will be on president Michael Sata’s head.

Hichilema said he has always told the nation that Sata is militarizing the country.

He said under Sata’s dictatorship, Zambians should brace for more human rights abuses.

‘This is what I have been telling Zambians; Sata said he will rule Zambia using Biblical principles. What Biblical principles, maiming people?’ Hichilema asked.

Hichilema however vowed that he will continue his mission in Ndola and will not be intimidated by the PF as he and his supporters have committed no crime.




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