PF cadres in Rufunsa kill each other over money

PF cadres in Rufunsa kill each other over money

Patriotic Front Cadres in Rufunsa have killed each other over money.

A PF cadre just named as Zulu has been killed by his fellow PF members but the government is trying to accuse the opposition MMD and UPND.

A senior security official has told the Zambian Watchdog that some PF cadres who were ferried from Lusaka with the help of Silvia Masebo and Geofrey Chumbwe to Rufunsa for local government Bye-Elections fought over how to share money and in the process one PF cadre has been reported to have been killed.

President Michael Sata;s mouth-piece George Chellar was quoted by the government controlled ZNBC saying a PF cadre named Zulu has been killed by MMD and UPND supprters.

Speaking with his usual pomposity and assuming to have a lot of power, Chellah ordered the police to arrest opposition members.,

Meanwhile in Mufumbwe reports reaching the Watchdog are that ex-convict Shawi Fawiz’s gang is terrorising people in the area.

It is further reported that Stephen Masumba’s sister was still distributing money up to close of voting at 18 hours. In Petauke PF and MMD cadres ran running battles this morning when a senior PF officials Elias Daka commonly known Eriboma tried to put MMD Chitenges into an MMD to potray the former ruling party as dishing out campaign materials after official campaigns closed. This was after Daka had arranged Police
Officers and Journalists to witness the scheme. Daka is a shareholder in Radio Explorer a community radio station in Petauke.

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