PF cadres in Solwezi arrested

Two separate gangs of PF cadres have been arrested in Solwezi for criminal activities and we only hope justice will take its course. Surprisingly,the ring leaders for both gangs have been left scot free. The main gang leader Charity Mulemena is said to be bragging that nothing can happen to her as she is a concubine to the PF Secretary General Davies Chama.

One gang confisicated 40 bags of 25kg mealie meal and k3000 cash by force from innocent traders using an official PF 22 registered and branded car and headed for Kipushi border to smuggle the commodity. Brave police officers at Kilumba check point returned the PF van not knowing that the mealie meal was stolen. When this gang got back to Solwezi,police pounced on them after owners of mealie meal complained though only 26 bags were recovered. K600 cash was recovered. These chaps have been terrorising Solwezi residents for too long yet nothing happens to them. They always insult anyone and threaten to beat anyone at will with impunity. Surely how can we vote for PF like this. Even us as police are very scared of these chaps. They threaten us with dismissals and transfers. These chaps are being used especially by Charity Mulemena,Shimishi,Jackson Kungo and Gerad Chibuye. All these people are in the PF Provincial Committee. They also collect money from Burundi nationals who run businesses in Solwezi at will using the same PF 22 van apart from grabbing the bus station from the council.

The other gang has been collecting money from innocent poor people on the pretext that they would be given loans from k2000 to k10000. Each person is being charged k40. Among the culprits arrested is Kadison Kalota who is also a PF official. Their ring leader Charity Mulemena is said to be in hiding for fear of being arrested also. This activity has sprayed to other districts like Kabompo,Mufumbwe and Chavuma where PF officials are charging people to a tune of k75 to k100. Last time,the same clique charged thousands of youths for k25 on the pretext that they would be employed at Kalumbila mine and at Freca using the party office in esco. One wonders how powerful these people are. We hope our superiors wont be cowed to release these gangs as it has always been. Let the ring leaders be arrested also. We are told they are on the run. I am only disappointed that our Commissioner wants to conceal these arrests.

Concerned Resident

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