PF cadres invade Libala primary school


Issue of illegal land occupation, illegal land grabbing and illegal land development by PF CADRES has continued.

Right now PF CADRES are illegally erecting a structure to operate as Car Wash on Libala Primary School Land opposite Nationalist Plaza, on Nationalist road.

Tireless good efforts made by the school administration to engage the PF CADRES to stop the illegal occupation and construction on school land have been met with threats and insults on the poor Head Teacher & the Deputy Head right to their offices by the PF CADRES, who have continued the illegal occupation and construction with impunity.

We suppose that this illegal land occupation and construction on Libala Primary School land by these notorious PF CADRES may have blessing from their leadership.

We are hereby making a VERY URGENT appeal to the Miitary to immediately move in and stop this disorder by the PF CADRES.

Concerned Zambian Citizen.

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