PF cadres invade, share Chipata Mchinji rail line land

PF cadres invade, share Chipata  Mchinji rail line land

PF cardres under the leadership of a councilor called Phiri have invaded Zambia Railways land in Chipata Eastern Province where they have allocated plots to themselves. This land lies between Damview residential area and the rail line. They have cut down maize which was planted there by locals with the knowledge of Zambia Railways and have dug up foundations.

Some of them have alreay started putting up their ramshakles in total disregard of Zambia Railways rights and the concerns of other residents.

The civic authorities have been notified but they are deliberately giving a blind eye to the issue. Incidentally this is how Chipata City Council has been unlawfully dealing with cardres. They allow them to invade land and advise them to build quickly. Later they decline to demolish illegal structures on humanitarian grounds. This is the reason why Chipata has ended up with a lot of ugly settlements.

Furthermore, the cardres are now threatening to physically harm anyone who is challenging them.

When will this kind of lawlessness ever end in our country?

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