PF cadres lock Itezhi-Tezhi DC commissioner’s office

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.03.11Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.03.11Itezhi-Tezhi Patriotic Front District and Constituency executive officer Wednesday caught officers operating from the District Administration office Block which houses the Office of the District commissioner unaware when they stormed the office and locked it.
    The PF cadres are demanding that Itezhi-Tezhi District Commissioner Roy Nangalelwa be dismissed as he was not in good standing with the Party and Government.

    This is the DC who was heard on record saying Sata is a tribalism and is only taking development to Muchinga. He is the same
    Itezhi-Tezhi PF district political secretary Gift Luyako says the PF members in Itezhi-Tezhi want Mr Nangalelwa to be dismissed claiming that he has been portraying divisive behaviour.
    Mr Luyako also alleges that Mr Nangalelwa has brought the name of the Republican President Michael Sata and the entire cabinet into disrepute.
    He further says Mr Nangalelwa has been working with opposition to frustrate government efforts to bring development as he intends to stand on the opposition ticket in 2016.
    And Itezhi-Tezhi District PF Chairperson Beaton Manje says the PF party in the district is tired of people complaining against the bad behaviour of the DC.
    Mr Manje says the District Executive will not allow Mr Nangalelwa into the office as they can’t work with him. He demanded that a new District Commissioner be deployed if the PF and Government are to operate in harmony.
    Efforts by the District Administration officer Akatama Malikana who is acting DC to calm the cadres proved futile and it took the police to calm the situation.
    The cadres only agreed to re-open the office when they were told Mr Nangalelwa was on leave but they vowed to go back and lock the office should he come back to the office. They emphasised that if the relevant authority do not take action, then they will continue locking up the DC’s office
    This is the third time that the PF cadres in Itezhi-Tezhi are locking up the District Commissioner office demanding his removal. Last time the entire District executive vowed to resign if the DC was not dismissed.
    Mr Nangalelwa could not be reached for a comment as his mobile phones were not reachable.

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