PF cadres lock Mazabuka DC office, terrorise Kanyama

PF cadres lock Mazabuka DC office, terrorise Kanyama

PF thugs have again locked up offices for Mazabuka District Commission, a Mr. Munyama after accusing him of being a UPND sympathiser.

photo 1 photo 3And in Lusaka, PF cadres clad in military fatigue went on rampage last night in Kanyama compound smashing windows and breaking people’s houses.

The thugs in Mazubuka woke-up as early as 06:00 hours and locked up the council offices claiming Mr. Munyama was a UPNd sympathiser, but the really reason is that he refused to give them fuel and contracts which they wanted to abuse.

The PF thugs have been on rampage in various parts of the country locking up council offices after officials refuse to give them favours such as fuel and money.

In Kanyama, residents were terrorised last night after PF thugs clad in military fatigue broke several homes and window pens.

Several residents that spoke to radio Phoenix news described the terrifying events and now fear for their lives.

Several people have condemned PF thugs for wearing military uniforms like they openly did during youth day celebrations in full view of ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott.

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