PF cadres lock Mkushi district council offices, demanding free fuel

PF cadres in Mkushi have locked the offices of Council secretary Evert Ngandu after the council refused to give them free fuel to carry out their political activities in Mkushi south constituency where a by election is looming.

Sources from the local authority have told the Zambian Watchdog that cadres demanded for free fuel using the council account but the council secretary refused, saying it was irregular for the council to buy fuel for political cadres.

“The cadres demanded that they be given free fuel, it is like this is the trend that was there with the previous CS (Council Secretary) but the new one is trying to do right things so they were annoyed and accused him of being a sympathizer to the opposition UPND, but this council has no money and if we buy fuel for political parties, how do we pay salaries and suppliers? These cadres must be tamed by their leaders,” complained a senior officer who sought anonymity.

The officer also said PF Mkushi North MP Ingrid Mulonda Sichinga Mphande was behind the confusion and the cadres have refused to open the office until she addresses them. Mphande, who is married but continues to have an affair with her former lover, Agriculture minister Bob Sichinga emerged victorious in a fraudulent by election following a nullification of the MMD 2011 winner, she has a child with Sichinga and now that she is at the national assembly, it is a baby come back for the two while a poor Mr. Mphande remains doing household chores.

Mkushi cadres are notorious of forcibly taking over government and community institutions, recently they dismissed an elected board at the Mkushi community radio station and imposed themselves.

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