PF cadres loot Kabwe flood victims’ relief food

PF cadres loot Kabwe flood victims’ relief food

wp_20170208_14_12_03_proRelief food secured by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit – DMMU for distribution to people whose houses collapsed in Kabwe’s Makululu shanty compound has been distributed among PF cadres by their civic and political leaders, disadvantaging some aged people who deserved to be helped.

Vice President Inonge Wina was in Kabwe on Wednesday to address PF cadres and took time to visit the flood victims in Makululu where a truckload of mealie meal and other items was taken for distribution but after she gave out to a few people and left the cadres took turn to loot the truck and shared the commodities.

Some victims have told the Watchdog that when the matter was reported to Kabwe DC Dominic Mulenga, naming the political leaders involved, Mulenga only told them to wait as his office was sourcing for some more items to distribute.

“We registered our names as victims whose houses had collapsed due to rains but soon after the Vice President gave out to some old people and left, the cadres with the councillors took turn and started sharing the food thereby disadvantaging us,” cried a victim who has a family of seven.

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