PF cadres move on UPND rally venue as UPND retreat to strategise

Scores of drunk PF cadres have been deployed at the venue of the UPND rally in Kabwata. The drunk thugs earlier chased the UPND team that went to erect structures for the rally.

PF cadres armed with various forms of weapons have declared the Ground a no go area despite police  and Govt permitting the UPND to go ahead with a planned rally.

To avoid a clash, the UPND  team retreated in what one UPND member said was to strategies.

One observer at the scene described the situation as follows:

A blood bath is lurking in the alley ways as PF cadres have reportedly sealed off Kabwata Basic School grounds the scheduled venue for the UPND’s widely anticipated mammoth rally.

The action has angered irate UPND cadres & the two groups are tittering on the verge of bloody apocalypse.

There has been tension building up in what is Zambia’s first ever rally since the PF swept to power & consistently denied the opposition the right to assembly through the infamous Public Dis-Order Act!

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