PF cadres recruited as police reserves

Thousands of Patriotic Front (PF) cadres have been fused in the Police as police reserves ahead of the August elections.
And police sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the reserves are part of the recruits that have been deployed in most compounds and residential areas of Lusaka to carry out night patrols.
One police source revealed that the police reserves were recruited from PF structures across the country and will be used in strategic places and operations during this year’s elections.
‘The police reserves have been undergoing some training and I can confirm that they were picked from PF structures across the country,’ revealed one police source.
The PF cadres in police uniform will also be used to harass and intimidate people mainly in opposition strong holds as we approach the polling day and they have been deployed around Lusaka as part of a rehearsal.
Using the latest ritual killings as an excuse, the recruits have been unleashed on citizens and are arresting and beating people for alleged loitering (Shishita) from as early as 19 hours in some cases.
The recruits have gone as far as waiting outside shopping areas to arrest customers as they come out while some individuals are being beaten and asked to pay money for ‘loitering’ in their backyards.
During last year’s presidential elections several PF cadres dressed in Paramilitary police uniforms were arrested and handed to the police by alert citizens in Mongu when they attempted to board a ZAF Chopper transporting election materials.
The PF cadres recruited as police reserves will be swapped and deployed to other provinces during the elections to avoid what happened in Mongu when local people identified the PF cadres in police uniform.

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