PF cadres scheming to remove Kabwe Town Clerk

Unruly PF cadres led by Tanzanian born Saidi Chibwana and Teddy Sinkala are scheming to remove Kabwe Town Clerk Oliver Muuka whom they have accused of advancing the interests of the opposition UPND.

PF thug Saidi Chibwana

PF thug Saidi Chibwana

United Street Vendors Foundation president Sinkala and Chibwana accuse Muuka of working against the PF government so that they lose the forthcoming Highridge ward by election. This follows the council’s directive to remove all street vendors from town centre to pave way for the ongoing road works.

In an interview with KNC radio, the duo say the council decision amounts to challenging ailing dictator Michael Sata’s decision to allow the illegal vice of street vending. They contend that street vending is a job creation move by the PF and removing vendors will result into massive unemployment among the youths.

Muuka becomes the fifth Town Clerk to be frustrated and transferred or fired at the instigation of PF thugs in the party’s close to three years’ rule. Others are Vivian Chikoti, Dras Neves, Ekan Chingangu and Mukamambo Mbaimbai.

A source from the municipality has told the Watchdog that the decision to temporarily remove the vendors is a safety measure during the road works and had nothing to do with the politicking. The source further adds that PF were just jittery about the 19th August Highridge ward election because most people have lost hope in the Sata led government.

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