UPND distances itself from L/stone violence as PF cadres shutter UPND vehicles in Mpongwe

Suspected PF cadres last evening blocked roads and shuttered motor vehicles belonging to the UPND campaign team in Mpongwe.

And UPND Vice-president Richard Kapita has accused the PF of launching a campaign of terror in both Livingstone and Mpongwe by-elections.

Mr. Kapata said two UPND MPs Request Muntanga of Kalomo and Garry Nkombo of Mazabuka together with other cadres are held at Livingstone central police station.

He said the UPND leaders were arrested when they went to report the PF actions on their camp.

“What happened is that PF cadres attempted to invade the UPND camp at night when our cadres were about to sleep. Then the two UPND leaders went to the police to report the invasion of our camp by PF cadres. Shortly after, Minister Obvious Mwaliteta arrived and physically attacked UPND MP for Mazabuka Garry Nkombo. What is surprising is that instead of arresting perpetrators of the violence, the police arrested people who went to report the violence,” Mr. Kapita said.

Speaking during a press briefing, Mr. Kapita urged all UPND members to travel to Livingstone and Mpongwe to defend themselves and defend democracy.

He also said that PF wanted to completely decapitate the UPND in both by-elections because the ruling party knows it  is losing.

Security wings have told the Watchdog that the incident happened in presence of PF candidate Gabriel Namulame.

Among the vehicles whose windows were shuttered are ACG 9823 and AAZ 7464 belonging to UPND supporters in the area.

The suspected PF cadres in Mpongwe have been transported from various Copperbelt towns and are being used for violence in the area.

Police have had a tuff time as they are normally restrained by PF campaign manager Jean Kapata from controlling the hired thugs.

The violence being perpetuated in both Livingstone and Mpongwe by-elections may cause massive voter apathy.

And NAREP president Elias Chipimo has also accused the PF of causing violence in the area.

UPND is fielding Rapson Chilufya in Mpongwe.

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