PF cadres steal food at traditional ceremony, says NDC

PF cadres steal food at traditional ceremony, says NDC

NDC says more than 600 PF thugs carrying guns and other weapons tried to attack opposition leaders then stole food at Chikwela Makumbi ceremony on Saturday.

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NDC VEEP / SG attends CHIKWELA MAKUMBI Traditional Ceremony in Chongwe

Lusaka 27th October 2019

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Vice President Rikki Josephs Akafumba together with the NDC Secretary General Bridget Atanga attended the Chikwela Makumbi traditional ceremony which was held yesterday in Chongwe, the Vice President and his entourage was representing NDC President Dr Chishimba Kambwili at the ceremony following an invitation.

Among the NDC Vice President entourage was NDC Lusaka Provincial Chairman Kennedy Seyenda, NDC Member of the National Governing body Mrs Muzungu, NDC Secretariat administrative secretary Edward Sinfukwe, Lusaka Province IPS Kidson Katunta, NDC Lusaka Provincial Chairman Nachama Nachilima, NDC Director Policy and research Zuwa Sinkamba.

The ceremony was also attended by some opposition leaders and government officials, UPND President Hakahinde Hichilema, UPND Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka, UPND Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta and Sylvia Masebo.

MMD President Nevers Mumba, Felix Mutati also attended the ceremony.

Some government officials who attended includes the Council Chairperson for Lusaka and Chilanga also the deputy Mayor for Lusaka Shakafuswa, some diplomats also attended the ceremony.

The guest of honor for the ceremony was Chief Mpezeni for the people of Eastern Province and some other Chiefs also attended the ceremony together with representative of paramount Chief Gawa Undi.

During the ceremony Chieftaines Nkomesha performed prayers in which she prayed for the rains and planted food in the field as per her traditional ceremony.

The ceremony was invaded by over 600 PF cadres who were seen entering the arena while the ceremony was underway.

This caused panic among the invited guests, state police was available but as usual were over powered by the unruly PF cadres who were ferried in buses.

When word went by that the PF cadres were planning to attack the Opposition leaders, UPND President Hakahinde Hichilema, NDC Vice President Rikki Josephs Akafumba and their entourage were wised out of the arena by their security detail even before the ceremony ended.

The unruly PF cadres stormed two tents within the arena and demanded to be given food even before the invited guests were saved with food.

The PF cadres were seen brandishing guns and all sorts of weapons which scared the people who were tasked to save the food, the PF cadres immediately took over the two tents and started serving the food to themselves, food meant to feed over a thousand people were consumed in seconds by the unruly PF cadres who were also seen smocking marijuana openly.

Issued by: NDC Media Department

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