PF cadres strip naked and beat up UPND chairlady and others

PF cadres strip naked and beat up UPND chairlady and others


Ms Kabwiku talking to journalists after the beating

Ms Kabwiku talking to journalists after the beating. Shattered bus behind her

PF cadres this (Sunday) afternoon undressed and beat up UPND Chairlady for Women Affairs Namakau Kabwiko during the on-going campaign for the parliamentary by Election in Solwezi east.

The PF cadres completely stripped Ms Kabwiku’s clothes forcing villages to wrap her with chitenge materials.

Four other UPND officials were assaulted by marauding PF cadres imported from Kitwe and Lusaka. The cadres also smashed windows and deflated tyres for the vehciles of UPND officials.

The battering and humiliating of Ms Kabwiko happened in full view of armed police at a place called Saint Dorothy.

The PF cadres were seemingly incensed by a flopped rally that was supposed to be addressed by vice-president Guy Scott.

The UPND had a very well attended rally in the same area where the PF failed to gather residents for Guy Scott to address.

The PF cadres were upset that a middle level official in the UPND Ms Kabwiku could address a huge rally while the republican vice president Guy Scott was shunned.

Narrating the ordeal the Watchdog, Ms Kabwiku said the cadres using two vehicles, a Toyota Noah registration number ABC 4473 and a land cruiser registration number ABP 6300 pounced on them as they were campaigning at St. Dorothy along the Chingola Solwezi road.

Mrs. Kabwiku explained that she and her team were traveling to Mulonga ward when the cadres armed with assorted weapons attacked them and torn their clothes in full view of the police.

She has since condemned the police for failing to protect them despite them noticing that the women were being attacked by the cadres who were waiting for Vice President Guy Scott.

Mrs. Kabwiku has thanked residents of St. Dorothy for rescuing her and the team adding that the matter has since been reported to the police.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kabwiku has urged the PF to concede defeat claiming that the UPND has already won the election.

She charged that the PF is ‘finished’ in Solwezi East and their support has been affected by the statement that was issued by President Michael Sata recently.

And Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa who during his protest walk to Solwezi met the affected cadres accused the PF of importing cadres to Solwezi to intimidate voters.

Mr. Mulusa has since urged voters in the area to be vigilant and prevent fake voters from casting their votes.

The people of Solwezi East will be going to the poll on 25th July to elect a new MP following the defection of Richard Taima former MP from the opposition MMD to the Patriotic Front.

Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa is walking to Solwezi from Chingola in protest against the removal of subsidies, poor state of Chingola Solwezi road and the victimization of Journalists mainly from the private media by the PF government.


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