PF cadres survive lynching in SA


Patriotic Front cadres who went to the SADC Summit picketing had to be secluded for their own safety as Congolese and Zimbabweans charged to beat them up for supporting a dictator.

Protesters from various countries were given permits to picket the Heads of States summit to present their grievances , but it appears , there was an Alliance among citizens from countries where there is emerging intolerance and decay in Democratic values and respect to Human Rights , Swaziland, Congo , Zimbabwean protesters came together demanding for SADC’s actions on emerging dictatorship in their respective Countries that included Zambia.

But as this picketing continued , Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front cadres emerged with placards looking drunk singing meaningless songs like “Lolo Lolo Lolo Lolo Lolo ” in what they said, a solidarity match for Edger Lungu’s good governance with posters and placards praising Mr Lungu who is now widely seen and viewed as a dictator. This infuriated other protesters who descended on the Zambian cadres with all manner of objects forcing these cadres to scamper and flee for safety.

” The situation got bad for PF cadres here , at some point, South African Police had to intervene when a fight broke up between the PF and the other groups. For the first time, we saw PF being humble ” said the source

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