PF cadres to demonstrate against constitutional court

PF cadres in Lusaka town centre are being mobilised to demonstrate and intimidate the Constitutional Court.

There is currently no president in Zambia as Edgar Lungu’s mandate expired on 11 August 2016. He would have been allowed to continue in office until he or another person was sworn in office after elections for another five years. But Lungu’s election has been disputed and the moment the opposition petitioned the Constitutional Court, Lungu ceased to be president. But since Lungu refused to follow the law and allow the speaker of the National Assembly to be sworn in, there is currently no president and whatever decisions Lungu is making are unconstitutional. Even his new title of ‘president elect’ is currently unattainable as his very election has been disputed. Think this way, suppose it was Hakainde Hichilema who was pronounced winner and therefore became president elect, and Lungu went to court, what would be the position?
A ‘president’ who is not sworn is not a president at all.
Soldiers are at liberty to ignore or outrightly disobey his orders as he is no their commander, except by usurpation,

Both the chief justice and deputy chief justice refused to swear in Lungu illegally, and that is the only reason cabinet office halted the preparations of the inauguration.

Now the PF wants to resort to intimidation. What are they scared of? We thought the courts are the neutral umpires when there is such a dispute? When UPND supporters demonstrate on the streets against what they see as corruption in the electoral process, they are beaten and locked up; when they go to court, the PF intimidates and threatens the courts – when bribing them fails.

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