PF cadres want to burn LAZ offices  

PF cadres want to burn LAZ offices  

PF cadredemonstrate at LAZ office

According to intelligence information intercepted by the Zambian Watchdog, dictator Edgar Lungu is upset by the ‘continued interference’ by the Law Association of Zambia – LAZ and action to silence the vocal organisation’s president Linda Kasonde must be initiated. LAZ offices may even be the next on the list to be burnt by PF cadres.

When leaving for Swaziland, Lungu spat some unpalatables at LAZ, accused them of being too much involved in politics and challenged them to form a political party so that ‘we can meet head on’. The reaction came after LAZ made a legal opinion on the state of emergency but instead of arguing on the pieces of legislation, Lungu who is also a lawyer and member of the organisation lashed out strongly.

This is not the first time for Lungu to spit venom at the organisation and following his venomous spat, some PF cadres commanded by Kampyongo have been scheming to set the organisation’s offices along Lagos road in Lusaka’s Long Acres area. Earlier this year known PF cadres were unleashed on the organisation’s secretariat threatening to harm Kasonde but failed. A move to impeach her was consequently initiated but it equally flopped.

During a highly confidential meeting at PF security chairperson and home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo’s residence last night, PF deputy spokesperson Mumbi Phiri told the selected cadres that “the President is very upset with LAZ and something needs to be done to stop them. (Nabafulwa sana so tufwile tuchitepo chimo, ne mililo shonse ni solution – He is very upset and we need to do something, even fires can be a solution)”, said Mumbi.

The idea to torch the LAZ secretariat was thereafter endorsed by the group because efforts to impeach Kasonde in the past by PF aligned lawyers have failed. Typical of dictator style of carrying out atrocities, Lungu wants the fire to happen while he is out of the country, the same way the City market fire happened.

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