PF cadres who impounded illegal Mukula trees freed

Four PF youths that were arrested and detained for impounding trucks carrying Mukula logs have been released.

Thandi Kabalika, Venny Musonda Kabamba, Fanny Zimba-liywali and Augustine were released from Lusaka Central Police on Saturday morning.

It is understood that the state has dropped charges.

A check at Lusaka Central Police found the youths preparing to be released.

The group were twelve but the other youths ran and took refuge in Johannesburg fearing the impending non-bailable offenses that there were facing.


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    these cadres appear well fed. im told their cell was full will goodies, they never suffered and plans to take care in the offing and giving them back the Mukula impounded from them

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    ECL 2 weeks

    Kampyongo must be fired!

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      Nayo Nayo 2 weeks

      To the directors of Nolywood can you look into PF corruption for inspiration on your next blockbuster series.