PF campaigners beaten by Mpulungu residents

PF campaigners beaten by Mpulungu residents

By CIC Investigations.


The Greens have yet again recieved biggest beatings of their lives when they attempted to disrupt a lawful and peaceful Roadshows for the opposition UPND. The PF cadres sent by Hon Freedom Sikazwe have been outnumbered by the UPND and have scampered in all directions. They ran to police to report that the UPND are passing they should all be arrested and their permits cancelled but police chased them saying it’s campaign time they where allowed and them (PF) should leave them alone.
This angered PF leaders who vowed that they will block them and disrupt their procession as it aimed at weakening PF popularity in the district. To their shock UPND continued with their campaigns peacefully and when PF descended on them the fights erupted and PF have suffered another major defeat in their stronghold. It is reported that a few of them have been injured and many complaining of back pains.

CIC rushed to the scene and found one heavily beaten PF cadre complaining that Hon Sikazwe has even switched of his mobile phone for it went unanswered for a good while he cut it and switched off.

Mpulungu becomes the third place in a role recording UPND defensive tactics towards PF.

More details coming soon.


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