PF campaigns in disarray, as Lungu threatens to boycott

“We will suffer a very shocking defeat never witnessed by any party in office if we are not careful this year because of the stubbornness from people like Frank Bwalya and some few other people ill advising the President because of their selfish desires,” warns a senior member of the PF.

Our source tells us that most influential youths and people who helped Edgar Lungu win the 2015 elections were being frustrated, because most of the new comers were only interested in pocketing money. She further said that Lungu has threatened not to do any campaigns if the house is not put in order.

“Look at people like Brian Hapunda, Sunday Chanda. They are being discriminated and even Mumbi Phiri has been frustrated all because of Frank Bwalya who thinks he is the smartest person, it is chaos my man because the present leaders are only interested in money,” he added.

The Frank Bwalya team has embarked on violence and intimidation tactics, which most members are opposed to. It has also been revealed that the thugs defacing the UPND posters and bill boards are under Bwalya’s funding as deputy campaign manager for Lungu.

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