PF can not clap for UPND

PF can not clap for UPND


By Barbrah Musamba Chama

We need to understand that PF had invested all their muscle of money to remain in power for as long as Zambia remained Zambia.

PF never thought of anything like being found in streets begging for fritters, they lived a life of plenty, money laundering, buying off people, killing opponents and crashing democracy. They developed an empire of syphoning national resources to themselves.

PF shared gold and emerald mines among themselves. The money from these mines financed PF activities. PF was getting loyalties from all the eight public universities, each tuition fee of a student, PF had a share. PF shared land among themselves, they literally ripped off everything from Zambians, they went further to attempt to colonize minds of Zambians, no one was alot to talk politics anywhere, especially anything to do with demonizing their chief corrupt officer in statehouse, the party operatives will pounce on such.

The civil service was infiltrated with PF party operatives, their job was to ensure they keep an eye of all activities of civil servants. All positions in civil service were reserved for PF loyalists. Markets, bus stations, everywhere… They were present. They bought the broke pentecostal pastors, they were put on empowerment programs, this was done in exchange for a preaching to convince people that Edgar was chosen by God. They didn’t end here, they penetrated all None Governmental organizations, alot of them paid loyalties to PF before they were allowed to continue their operations. They were given conditions to employ atleast 50% of party caders, atleast two must be in management of such an organization. Those who defied this directive, they were denied donor funding, and labelled UPND surrogates.

The only advice we can give UPND Government is to ensure they have a powerful media influence to diminish PF remaining influence on governance. The UPND should govern and do Politics at the same time. They need to ensure that they put people who understand UPND policies in all spheres of government, they should not be scared of purging. Let them purge and clean the system, cut all PF funding until ECL defects back to UPND. UPND should not play soft politics, they need to complete uproot influence in all sectors. UPND should cancel all the oil marketing company supply tenders, those are PF guys, one of them is Emmanuel Mwamba. You don’t expect such characters to import fuel, they will sabotage the sector and render UPND useless, cut all those tenders and engage your own oil marketing surrogates, this is Politics ba UPND.

UPND supporters should as well be careful, and take time to study Politics and influence. You have the right to demonstrate and take over some contracts you can do, stop ukushishita this is politics. Be aggressive, you think your children will eat democracy?

We end here for now!!!

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