PF cancels Isoka rally due to poor attendance

The PF has cancelled another rally due to poor attendance in Isoka.
PF candidate Edgar Lungu was scheduled to address a rally in Isoka after getting endorsement and Boko Haram money from Rupiah Banda in Chipata.
The PF heavily advertised the rally but pulled down the stage after realising that only children turned up to listen to music
‘Lungu came as near as Chief Watwika in Nakonde hoping people wull gather in numbers. .. but only children were there even upto 14pm …I was at Zwangendaba Lodge where the Leadership was communicating to the Presidential team that was said to be at Chief Waitwika in Nakonde. ..where it was resolved that the rally be cancelled it was going to embarrasse the ruling Party’ said a contact.
This is a second embarrassment following another poorly attended rally in Chingola by PF on a Saturday.

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