PF candidate Iris Kaingu says voters betrayed her father

PF candidate Iris Kaingu says voters betrayed her father


Mwandi aspirant candidate, Iris Kaingu says the people of Mwandi betrayed her father when they voted him out of power.

Speaking on Hot FM Breakfast Show, Kaingu said she has since forgiven the people of Mwandi for their offending action.

She said the people of Mwandi were lucky that she is standing to redeem them as their saviour.

She said her father, Dr. Michael Liwanga Kaingu , who stood under the MMD, did a lot of development initiatives for the Constituency that the people of Mwandi didn’t deserve to be punish him by voting him out.

She said her father who is the former Minister of Education did a lot for the Constituency and she will endeavour to continue his legacy.

Iris also took a strong at the incumbent MP, Hon. Sililo Mutaba, who she said wasted the last five years by doing nothing for the Constituency.

She said Mutaba failed to lobby government for development and also failed to utilize Constituency Development Fund for the development of the area.

She also said she chose the Patriotic Front because President Lungu gives her “Adada feelings” as his leadership was inclusive and was a father figure to the nation.

And Iris dismissed the fears about the economic crisis the country was facing stating that the issue of poor economies was a global crisis.

She said every country including the USA and UK in the world was facing economic turbulence especially after the corona virus pandemic.

She dismissed assertions that the economy was bad because of bad governance.

She said natural occurrences such as drought and floods affected the economy especially the agricultural sector.

She praised the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) for distributing food stuffs to affected areas.

Iris express gratitude to the Patriotic Front that she has been adopted as the PF candidate for Mwandi Constituency.

She said she enjoyed 100% support in the Constituency and it was not possible that she could lose the seat to the Opposition.

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  • comment-avatar

    Ba PF nabena, you just pick candidates anyhow! Somebody who has lived life on the wrong side of things displaying her body in a detestable way to them she is a parliamentary candidate. Where is the credibility of PF if they are continuing to bring to parliament crooks from Katondo street, diehard ruffians who lived life by beating people, find themselves in parliament and as ministers. Oh my God! Can the economy pick with such leadership in the PF government?

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Iris’ porn film is still on Even if she has it pulled down, just inbox me for a copy. Hint: she does not take dick very well.

  • comment-avatar
    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Whoever stands against this pornstar will have an easy ride (pun intended) to Parliament. Just distribute her porn film to the constituents and tell them how she is just another Tusa Zambia.

  • comment-avatar

    Iris, that is Western province or Barotseland. It is people from this area, Northwestern, Southern and part of Central provinces who have been hounded out of their government jobs by the PF government through retirement on national interest. What an opportunity for the voters to also retire those who stand on the PF ticket as Members of Parliament. If Inonge is sidelined by pf as VP, how do you make a mark as a new entrant? Can you as an individual change PF to start managing this country well? Forexample, are you going to lobby for all those Lozis who were retired on tribal grounds to be re-instated in their jobs in government before voting day? Be serious. Just don’t use all the campaign money you will be given as you will need some of that when you lose

  • comment-avatar
    Gundown 2 weeks ago

    Your father did nothing for Mwandi, exept for those countless trips he made to that school in the bush.

  • comment-avatar
    Sniper 2 weeks ago

    Just wait and see what they will do to you! 

  • comment-avatar
    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    Its like Iris Kaingu thinks her family owns the people of Mwandi Constituency, she needs to respect her self and she wants to be a humble leader. On the economic situation, she is so blank and does not understand. I can imagine PF going through after 12/08/21 and the likes of Iris being in Cabinet, it will be a joke of the day. I think Tasila for all reasons is more level headed and does not make comments for the sake of being heard. iris twapapata spare us the talk that you have forgiven the people of Mwandi for voting out her father. Ni maloza kwena, asking for votes and daring people as if they are her family property. The people of Mwandi are dignified and need to be respected like any other Zambians. Expect more shows from Iris

  • comment-avatar
    Gerald Tembo 2 weeks ago

    iris,who tells you mwandi is a family space?you start this arrogance even before you assume office,what becomes of you if you were to be given the mandate?