PF candidate, thugs attack rival candidate in Sioma

PF candidate, thugs attack rival candidate in Sioma

PF Sioma candidate leads attack, stabs uncle

– Police refuse to arrest her as incident angers Sioma resident

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) candidate for Sioma constituency, Mbololwa Subulwa and some named cadres this morning attacked and stabbed the independent candidate Albert Mundia.

Mundia who was stabbed with a knife, is however out of danger.

According to an eyewitness, the PF candidate was in the company of her brother Sibambekwa Subulwa and a “militia” of about 40 PF cadres.

“Apparently the man she attacked is her own uncle who is running as and independent candidate after he was not adopted by UPND.
Seems she has been seriously unsettled by the independent candidate,” narrated the witness.

The matter has since been reported to the Police in Sioma.

The independent candidate despite being in pain is currently back at the police but the police are refusing to arrest the PF candidate.

The police station is currently mobbed by locals who want to take matters in their own hands. He confronted her last night during the attack as to why she was attacking him and her only answer was that it was his night to die.

“How politics can divide a family. This is a real uncle and niece relationship on fire,” said the source.

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    We are tired change is coming in August 1 week ago

    It all starts from the top when the two leaders can’t sit down to talk, PF members think a war has been declared.

  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty 1 week ago

    Si m’me se singe Mbololwa si inyelezi!

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    I see PF as a party where is members are possessed by a very bad sprit or the devil himself. When PF hire a a bus and are travelling to some destination I always sense something evil going on. IAm I the only one who senses this.

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    This is how pf works, if you don’t agree with pf you are then a target for death