PF continues trying to use dead UPND members to get votes in Feira

In their usual sadist and evil ways, PF are in full gear celebrating the death of UPND members in Feira who they want to trade for votes by completely taking over of the burial procession in the name of government.

Despite the UPND being in contact with the families and having made burial arrangements for today by buying coffins and providing other logistics, PF using the vice-president Guy Scott’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) office could not allow the burial to take place today claiming the bodies needed a postmortem by a pathologist from Lusaka so that the families can be compensated.

Sources said  the death of UPND members has really been a blessing in disguise for PF as they even wanted to withdraw the coffins UPND bought for their members.

Sources and UPND members in Feira said families of the deceased in the area have been left in confusion and wondering when they are going to burry their beloved ones.

The families wanted to burry their beloved ones today but government has given them a condition that they have to wait for a postmortem to be done for them to be compensated for their loss.

They have been asked to wait for the Pathologist to be assigned to the task from Lusaka, yet the mortuary can only take three bodies and the bodies are currently decomposing.

It is the first time in the history of the country that a government will extend such a good gesture on all road accident victims.

There has been a number of road accidents of late, the recent being the Chisamba where 19 people perished and yet the PF leadership never even attended the funerals in Kabwe.

For the 52 victims of the Chibombo accident, government only declared a national mourning and provided coffins but not financial compensations as the case will be for Feira, where there will be a by-election.

Sources also said PF are also trying to stop UPND from mourning their members in Feira.

About 20 other people sustained injuries and were admitted to Katondwe
mission hospital in Luangwa.

Meanwhile, opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has called for restraint from all political parties not to turn the funeral into a campaign.

Mr. Kakoma told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that if the Patriotic Front (PF) government wanted to assist in burying the seven, government should have engaged his party and coordinated the programme instead of hijacking it.

He further explained that it was surprising that government went ahead to take over without consulting the UPND as the seven members that died belonged to the UPND and their respective families.

Mr. Kakoma appealed to politicians to desist from turning the funeral into a political campaign with the view of gaining political mileage.

He stated that some senior UPND members have been sent to Luangwa  to sort out the problem that arose when the party were denied permission by police to collect the remains of the seven by insisting that their bodies belonged to the state.

“Yesterday, we bought coffins, foodstuffs, arranged transport and other logistics to enable us bury our colleagues in a dignified manner but to our utmost disappointment, we were not allowed to get the bodies”, said Mr Kakoma.

“ We have since sent some senior members to sort out the problem and advise when we can bury our colleagues as you know they were our members and belonged to their respective families”, he added.

Mr Kakoma urged politicians to allow the party to bury their members in dignity.

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