PF CB chairman given $700, 000 contract under corrupt circumstances

PF CB chairman given $700, 000 contract  under corrupt circumstances

** PF seriously milking and ripping KCM apart

KONKOLA Copper Mines has in suspicious circumstances awarded a contract worth over $700,000 to Copperbelt PF chairman Nathan Chanda’s company some contractors have complained.

But Chanda says he does not want to play to the gallery over the issue.

Some contractors and employees at the mine now under liquidation complained that provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu had turned the mine into a cash cow with the latest award of a huge contract to FM and CBN Company Limited.

The sources that spoke to The Mast on condition of anonymity wondered how the Luanshya mayor’s company, FM and CBN Company Limited, that was registered not long ago, could be awarded such a huge deal at the expense of those that had been on the suppliers list for ages.

The sources are worried that the mine would run down further because since government took over through the said liquidator, contracts have been given to those connected to government and government officials.

“That company has not been supplying to KCM until now. They don’t deserve that contract. KCM is just giving contracts to all those connected to PF…it’s a cash cow now and we are afraid KCM will soon go down,” the source said.

“We are headed for disaster now. All of a sudden we have seen contracts being given to companies that originally did not appear on the suppliers’ list. Very new companies are the only ones being considered. It’s strange and we fear for this mine,” said another source within the mine.

The contract awarded to FM and CBN Company Limited on November 19 involves ‘Hope piping works for TD5 rehabilitation valued at $730,030.00 broken down as follows: mobilisation and demobilisation – $108,270.00; hire of crane equipment and lifting (TACKLS and LNG) valued at $227,226.000; fabricating, dismantling and laying of HDPF pipes to cost $361,540,000; and excavating of the ground and soft soil valued at $39,000.00.

The total net value of the contract a whopping  $736,036.00

The contract has Chanda’s mobile number as vendor contact trading as FM and CBN Company Limited and domiciled in Luanshya.

When contacted for a comment on the said contract, Chanda could neither deny nor confirm that his company was a beneficiary of the deal deemed suspicious.

“You as a journalist worth your salt go and find out from KCM and where the laws says you can only give business to a contractor who has stayed for more than these years or if that law is there, go and find out and what contractors [are] those,” Chanda said.

“Me, I wouldn’t want to play to the gallery, that’s why I have advised you that they have told you what they have but the best you can do is also find out whether what they are saying is correct or not correct. Me when I start answering that this, what, I think I am above that so the best is to inquire from whichever sources you are using, who the complainant is and even when you are writing, you will see that this story is malicious whatsoever and even know the angle to take but me I will not be commenting on such matters, I can’t.”

Asked to confirm if the contract was indeed awarded to his company, Chanda stammered a response saying “I have said inquire from where they are talking about so that you get more information yourself because I can’t run business in paper, no I cant.”

“Who is the complainant? Did that person bid for the contract or what so that you get more information of whoever is complaining because next time I will tell you that are you aware that you have got three or four wives, are you going to write that story? First, you have to verify, is this story factual? Has this company been registered for so many years? Does this company exit? Does this company do business and even if it does, is there a law that says don’t do business with this company unless only with the other one? So follow the law and know what people are talking about.”

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