PF chairman arrested for illegal power connections

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kwacha constituency chairman Chisanga Nyemba has been detained at Kamfinsa remandy prison for allegedly engaging in criminal activities of illegal connection of power.Sources at Zesco and PF Copperbelt provincial secretary Kabwe Chanda confirmed that Nyemba was at Kamfinsa remand prison for allegedly illegal connection of power in various townships.Mr Chanda said the issue of Mr Nyemba was a personal case and that opposition political parties and enemies of the PF should not connect the case to the ruling party.

He said Mr Nyemba was not yet guilty of the offense and so people should not make a big issue out of it because every person was innocent until proved guilty.

“Yes, my brother, the Kwacha constituency chairman , Mr Chisanga Nyemba has been detained at Kamfinsa remand prison for allegedly illegal connection of power, but people should not connect Mr Nyemba’s case to PF because that is personal case.

“But, he is not yet been found guilty. Every person is innocent until found guilty. So the opposition and other enemies of the
PF should not celebrate about the case of Mr Nyemba,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Nyemba, a supervisor at Zesco in Kitwe, was allegedly suspended for illegal connection of power in one of the townships, but his case has been going on at the courts until when he was sent into remand prison.
Investigations at Zesco in Kitwe revealed that Mr Nyemba was suspended by the company for illegal connection of power, but was later reinstated, however the matter was still before the court.
“Yes, it is true that Nyemba was suspended for illegal connection, but he has been reinstated and is now just on leave. The matter is still before the court,” said some Zesco workers.
Some PF cadres from Kwacha constituency have been complaining to opposition leaders over the party’s failure to discipline Nyemba for engaging in criminal activities.
The PF cadres said it was imperative that the party suspended Nyemba because he was facing a criminal case of illegal connection of power.
“People like Nyemba should have been disciplined by the party for engaging in criminal activities, but we are surprised that he is still serving as constituency chairman.
“With such kind of record, what kind of leadership can he provide. Who is going to listen to him,” said one constituency official.

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