PF chairman steals truck, refuses to go to police station

PF chairman steals truck, refuses to go to police station

Eastern Province PF Chairman Andrew Lubusha has been refusing to appear before the Zambia Police Force Headquarters in Lusaka because his a member of the PF Central Committee.

Lubusha is supposed to answer a change of theft of motor vehicle in which he stole a 2019 model truck and trailer belonging to a South African national.

Lubusha stole the truck which was parked at some garage in Lusaka belonging to another PF official and later sold it to some gerabos on the Copperbelt in which the number plate of the truck was changed.

International Police was engaged on the mater but Lubusha used his connection to threaten the owner of the truck.

The owner has however engaged lawyers to start the mater in which he was called by the Police last week.

Lubusha used the PF Secretariat to stop the Police,but Secretariat refused to be engaged in some personal issues especially that they were criminal in nature.

Lubusha has since used Makebi Zulu to call the Police command and demand that the mater be stopped because his client is a senior PF official and close to President Edgar Lungu.

We will update you as things unfold.

Next will update the nation on how the Lubusha got fertilizer from Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia without paying.

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