PF chairperson for Luampa dies after being shot eighteen times

PF chairperson for Luampa dies after being shot eighteen times
Patriotic Front Luampa district Chairperson Brian Musole has died of gunshot wounds after he was shot by unknown people on Wednesday late afternoon.
Luampa District Commissioner Winnie Kamayoyo confirmed the death of Mr Musole and explained that he was shot at Kapapelo area in Luampa District of Barotseland (Western Province.)
Mr Musole was shot eighteen times by unknown assailants around 17 hours yesterday. He was rushed to Lewanika General Hospital in Mongu where he succumbed to the wounds and died today.
Western Province has a high number of murder incidences involving AK 47 assault rifle carrying hired assassins locally known as Karavinas.
Police in Luampa have launched investigations in the matter and the deceased body is in Lewanika General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.


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    Ngombala Tungulu 2 weeks

    They should use these guns to free Barotseland from this political and economic colonialism of babyambolo ba Northern Rhodesia instead of shooting each other. Maybe I should go there to teach them how to point the guns at the right targets.

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    teejay 3 weeks

    I only hope this is not the start of worse things to come. Criminality in any form or shape is abhorrent to me. Stop this rot before our country goes up in flames.

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    JEHOVAH GOD protect Zambia n its people from this kind of wickedness,People lets hv love for one another for Jesus christ loves us,its sad to lose life in such a way i feel bad n i mourn wth de family were eva they r in Jesus christ name AMEN

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      Junza 3 weeks

      Zambians don’t just kill each other. There is a reason he was shot and possibly a warning message by “overshooting” him.