PF chairperson’s beating of police officers

PF chairperson’s beating of police officers

Lawyer John Sangwa SC writes on PF thug Jay Jay Banda


Good morning fellow Zambians, my view on this matter is what you already know – you don’t need to be a lawyer to see that the levels of injustice in Zambia are quite shocking, shameful, and alarming.

Yes, aggravated robbery (on a police station for that matter) is a very serious offence, and one charged with it is NOT ENTITLED TO BAIL.

However, it seems if you’re a PF official, you’re above the law as it were. You can raid a police station, go on the run for a month, then come back and hand yourself in, get bail instantly, and instead of being remmanded in prison to wait for your day in court, you’re on TV the next day to plead NOT GUILTY in the court of public opinion, instead of the court of law.

Meanwhile, poor citizens charged with lesser misdemeanors like breaking covid19 guidelines spend weeks in jail and are fined heavily.

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