PF challenged to disclose where money saved from cancelled subsidies has been taken

The outgoing Patriotic Front (PF) government has been challenged to tell the nation where they have taken the money that was ‘saved’ following the scrapping of maize and fuel subsidies.
Opposition UPND Information and Publicity Secretary for Lusaka Province Muyunda Masheke has pointed out that it is now over three years since the PF removed both maize and fuel subsidies in what was then claimed to be a bold step to facilitate equitable distribution of national resources among the general populace but the economic situation has now become worse.
Masheke has charged that the vulnerable groups that the PF was claiming to target were now facing economic hardships following the continued hiking of meali meal and fuel prices beyond the level of majority Zambians.
Masheke has argued that the PF cannot claim that they have channelled the money saved from subsidies on infrastructure projects because everyone knows that they have been recklessly borrowing all this time.
He said as the PF exits office in August they should tell the nation where the huge amounts of money saved from subsidies have gone to.
‘The question now as they exit office in August is where did the huge amounts of money saved from these subsidies go,’ Masheke asked.
Masheke said to make matters worse the PF was now failing to keep key social sectors such as education running properly as they are unable to pay students and teaching staff, while at the same time they reward themselves with hefty salary increments.
He pointed out that it was clear that the country was being led by a group of people who are bent on bringing the economy to its knees if they are given another chance.
When the PF government removed maize and fuel subsidies over three years ago they claimed that “Our people have to understand that maize subsidies have been a pillar for the huge economic inequality in our society as they only benefit the already well to do middlemen and not the targeted vulnerable groups of our society. We are simply channelling resources to the very poor citizens of our society and we are certain that for real economic and well distributed growth to occur, these changes are necessary therefore all well-meaning Zambians need to look at days beyond today and tomorrow.”

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